Why choose an all-girls school?

There has long been a growing body of research that shows girls in a single-sex setting are more likely to compete, take risks, and be confident. They are also more likely to participate in sport, maths, science and technology, and have a healthy body image.

The academic and co-curricular achievements of our students support these findings but, more importantly, we observe how supportive the girls are of each other day-to-day and how they inspire each other to achieve more.

When private girls' school Perth College was established in 1902, the founding Sisters’ vision for what women could do challenged the accepted ideas of the time. They established an almost defiant attitude that young women should work hard to make the most of their opportunities, and use their positions in society or privileges to make a difference.

This spirit lives on today. We actively encourage our students to aim high and pursue their passions in an environment free from gender stereotyping.

Our teachers and staff are specialist educators of girls, trained in the principles of positive education in schools and ‘the science of human flourishing’. This dedication helps students graduate as confident, independent and determined young women, ready to take their place in the world and make a difference.