Our Difference

Our Difference.

The principles of positive education underpin all our endeavours at Perth College, and our leadership in this field is a major point of difference.

The enthusiasm for learning and general sense of confidence is something you can feel as you tour the campus.

Through positive education, we create an environment where students can stretch themselves. Not just academically, but personally as well-rounded and caring individuals who know the importance of making a difference and giving back to the community.

Girls are encouraged and nurtured to become confident and determined young women who feel empowered and responsible for their own path. We place great importance on developing critical and creative thinking, self-leadership, grit and kindness.

We have two unique programmes to further ensure each girl is inspired in her learning journey:


InsideOut is a self-leadership programme for girls to become bolder, kinder, wiser. This world-recognised positive psychology programme for girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 helps us develop well-rounded young women who are confident, caring and capable in all aspects of their lives.

Perth College: Parents joining the positive education journey.