Our School

We help girls grow braver and stronger

Using the science of positive psychology and our unique model of self-leadership and wellbeing, we enable girls to flourish. As specialist educators of girls, throughout primary and high school, we provide opportunities for your daughter to become confident, caring, independent and determined to become the best version of herself.

Private girls' school with a wealth of experience

Perth College has drawn on more than 118 years of experience and knowledge to create a learning environment that enables girls to become remarkable women and make their mark on history.

Our mantra is ‘be brave, not perfect’ because, by learning from their mistakes, girls become confident to challenge themselves and take risks. We underpin this with a sense of ‘sisterhood’, where the girls support each other, work as a team and engage in an active school community that extends beyond the Perth College gates.

Perth College's Strategic Plan


Perth College girls: Remarkable Women.

Perth College women shape their own futures and positively influence society.


We actively pursue and embrace new approaches and world-class educational excellence within an inclusive and vibrant community.


We proudly uphold the values of the Sisters of the Church: pioneering new roles for women, giving back to the community whenever possible and teaching our girls to face their challenges with strength, purpose and resilience.

A Perth College girl is:

  • Capable: pursuing learning and excellence, whilst striving to fulfil our potential with confidence and resourcefulness.
  • Courageous: embracing and navigating challenges with strength, purpose and resilience.
  • Caring: living generously, valuing relationships and contributing to our community with integrity, respect and compassion.

Our 2021 value in focus is Courageous.