Vision, Purpose and Values

A vibrant and caring community

Our goal is to inspire joy in learning, every day.

All our academic and co-curricular programs are created specifically for girls, in an environment that nurtures confidence and determination. Every student is unique, so we make it our mission to see the whole child, building their build knowledge, skills, confidence and character. Using the science of positive psychology and education, our leading self-leadership and wellbeing frameworks enable our students to flourish.

We tailor our learning and teaching to each individual so they can flourish, both academically and socially. As specialist educators of girls, throughout primary and high school, we provide opportunities for your daughter to become confident, caring, independent and determined to become the best version of herself.

Our curriculum is underpinned by the Perth College Purpose and Values and is aligned with the Western Australian Curriculum.

Regular assessments throughout the year give us the opportunity to provide continuous feedback and ensure that each student can constantly progress in their learning journey.

Perth College's Strategic Plan


Perth College girls: Remarkable Women

Perth College women shape their own futures and positively influence society.


We actively pursue and embrace new approaches and world-class educational excellence within an inclusive and vibrant community.


Our values are the essence of a Perth College education and the defining character traits of each student within our Christian Heritage

A Perth College girl is:

  • Capable: pursuing learning and excellence, whilst striving to fulfil our potential with confidence and resourcefulness.
  • Courageous: embracing and navigating challenges with strength, purpose and resilience.
  • Caring: living generously, valuing relationships and contributing to our community with integrity, respect and compassion.

Our Strategic Intent