Clubs and Co-Curricular Programs

Clubs and Co-Curricular Programs

Perth College provides an array of extra curricular activities for students to challenge themselves physically and learn outside the classroom. We are also the home of some very special Perth College clubs and programs, as outlined below.

Perth College Netball Academy

The Perth College Netball Academy is the largest school-based club in Western Australia and students from Years 3 to 12 can join and represent the School each Saturday in winter at Matthews Netball Centre (Jolimont). Senior School students can also gain coaching and umpiring accreditation.

Perth College Swim Academy

The Perth College Swim Academy offers a wide range of programs for all swimming levels and interests. We offer a Learn to Swim program, School-based lessons, IGSSA training program and Swim Squads, including our Fundamental, Junior Development and Junior Swim Sports squads.

The Perth College Swim Academy provides a range of swimming services across skill levels. Program delivery of the Swim Academy is broken down into key streams, including:

  • Learn to Swim program
  • School-based program
  • Inter-School programs (IGSSA and JIGSSA)
  • Squad Development programs
Swim Academy Delivery - January 2023

Perth College students also have the opportunity to earn their swim teacher qualifications through the School curriculum, with on-the-job training and part-time employment opportunities available.

More information about each of our Perth College Swim Academy programs is available here.

Junior School Co-curricular Clubs

Perth College is proud to offer a variety of co and extra curricular activities to our students from Kindergarten to Year 6. All available activities will commence in Week 2 of each term unless specified otherwise.

Junior School Co-Curricular Sports

Adam Selwood (Head of Sport Development and Performance) will support Naomi Caple (Junior School Sports Coordinator) with the overarching strategy and delivery of the sport program.

Adam will be leading a new Sports Development and Performance program for the school focusing on the engagement, nurturing and advancement of sports development of students and their willingness to give physical activity a try through positive education psychology in schools.