2024 Annual Giving Appeal

2024 Annual Giving Appeal

Kitchen Upgrade Recipe: bringing people together, one ingredient at a time.

The 2024 Annual Giving Appeal focus is to ‘upgrade’ the Food Technology Kitchen.

Whether it’s trying new foods or cooking together, food brings people closer through shared experiences. Our kitchen is where ingredients are transformed and flavours are elevated – it breeds innovation, creativity, and ultimately, culinary delights.

Great cooking is not just about following a recipe; it’s about trusting your instincts and embracing creativity. The kitchen is in high use with highly popular practical and theory courses for Food Specialisation run for Years 7 to 12.

“Food is a great equaliser, it builds friendships, diversity, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Our students start working separately, by the end of the session, they’re all at one table sharing what they’ve learnt, food they’ve made, and different groups of friendships form.” - Hannah Moxley, Coordinator Home Economics, Perth College.

Giving and Engagement Options

Choose to contribute to this year’s Annual Giving Appeal at a level and manner of your choosing, ways to engage include:

‘FOODIE’ APPEAL PLEDGE: Giving in your own way and time - a set Appeal gift amount over a period of time in a schedule to suit you.

‘BON APPETIT’ PROJECT PARTNERS: Donations and Gifts in Kind – individuals and businesses interested in being a Project Partner and can donate relevant products or trades.

'FAST FOOD’ DOOR OPENERS AND CONNECTORS: Networking - individuals and businesses who have the capacity to open doors, make introductions, or help with donations or gift in kind.

‘COOK UP’ A GIVING CIRCLE: Combine individual donations - gather a group of family and friends and combine your donations to create a larger financial family gift by working together.

MATCHED ‘CUISINE’ GIVING: Double your donation - Does your company offer a charity matched giving program? A business that supports employees by matching their donation.

MAKE A ‘SOUL FOOD’ DONATION: We are grateful for every donation that will help us cook up an upgrade for our Food Technology Kitchen.

Lola Quote

The passion, generosity, and commitment of our donors and supporters helps to consolidate the foundations of our school into the future, and to shape future generations of remarkable women.

We invite you to join us and be part of a remarkable giving community today.