Boarding Experience

A Perth boarding school experience that’s homelier, cosier, friendlier.

Our Boarding House provides an extraordinary home away from home for more than 100 Year 7 to 12 girls.

Caring for our boarders is one of Perth College’s most important priorities. We understand the transition to boarding school in Perth can be challenging for some girls, so we strive to create a strong family environment for study, recreation and relaxation.

The Boarding House is where girls can learn valuable life skills whilst also being encouraged to grow and develop into confident learners, independent thinkers, caring individuals and remarkable women. The girls learn tolerance, appreciation and respect for each other in a fun and inclusive atmosphere and often make lifelong friends.

Boarding at Perth College - a family tradition

Academic Benefits

  • Boarders have access to an Academic Boarding Coordinator who manages the tutors and senior staff who assist during prep times.
  • There is a liaison between the day school, boarding students and home to ensure that strong links are established and parents are kept informed.
  • After-hours support from teaching staff contributes significantly to lifting and sustaining the academic progress of each girl.
  • Boarding staff work with teachers to monitor the academic progress of each boarder throughout the year.

Social Benefits

  • A lively co-curricular program for all interests and age groups keeps the girls busy and helps them adjust to the boarding school lifestyle.
  • Outings, supervised socials and meetings with boarders from other schools are held on weekends.
  • Girls participate in a robust, meaningful and age appropriate weekend activity program both on and off campus. Activities include ice skating, movie nights, picnics, socials and much more.

Boarding Values and Pastoral Care

We understand it is a difficult decision for parents to send their daughters away for boarding school and are proactive in helping the girls and their families to have the best experience possible. Our boarding staff, Heads of House, Year Co-ordinators and Mentors create a happy, supportive home environment, with activities and programs tailored for each year level, encouraging students to develop spiritually, culturally and socially during their stay.

Within our Boarding House are three Houses whose Heads are the main pastoral contacts for the girls in their care. Our system of ‘Vertical Boarding’ means the youngest boarders are supported by the most senior girls within their House.

City Country Program

This new initiative for Year 7 and 8 boarders supports the girls’ transition from home to school, and builds a strong link between day girls, boarders and their respective families.

Our city-based families help the boarders settle into Perth College and life away from home by extending weekend invitations out and organising social events between the families. Likewise, parents of boarders will often reciprocate by hosting a day girl for a short country stay.