Old Girls' Association

Once a PC girl, always a PC girl

The Perth College Old Girls’ Association (OGA) celebrates the lives and achievements of more than 11,000 past students of Perth College, promoting them as role models for the students of today and tomorrow.

The OGA was established in 1913 and works together with Perth College to foster a strong sense of community. The Old Girls organise a variety of academic, cultural, social, spiritual and sporting events that help maintain the traditions of the school while promoting a sense of friendship and belonging.

Old Girls offer mentoring to current students, as well as raise funds that are often directed back into scholarships and bursaries that give the daughters and granddaughters of financial members the chance to become Perth College girls.

Old Girls are also encouraged to keep Perth College and the OGA up-to-date about their news, achievements or changes to their contact details. This will ensure the OGA can keep you informed of the latest news, send you the Myalla magazine, Heritage Magazine and, of course, invite you to special events.

Every Perth College Old Girl is welcome to join the OGA as a financial or non-financial member. For more information, please contact Alumni and Foundation Assistant Caroline Risah on (08) 9471 2124 or email oga@pc.wa.edu.au

The Perth College Foundation, in partnership with the Old Girls’ Association, launched a Class Gift Appeal in 2018 and to date has raised over $10,000.

Our aim is to raise enough funds to offer one alumni-funded half-scholarship for a student to attend Perth College for Years 11 and 12.

As this new half-scholarship will be funded by Old Girls, it will be awarded to the daughter or granddaughter of an Old Girls’ Association member. Donors will also be invited to meet the recipient of this inaugural scholarship once awarded.

We are stronger together and the Class Gift Appeal allows Old Girls of all ages to work together.

Donations of any amount are appreciated, as every donation will assist us in reaching this goal.

To donate, visit our online giving page and select the Class Gift Appeal.

For more information, please contact Alumni and Foundation Assistant Caroline Risah on (08) 9471 2196 or email oga@pc.wa.edu.au

Old Girls' Association Committee

The work and direction of the OGA is guided by the Committee, and anyone who is a financial member of the Old Girls’ Association is eligible to nominate for committee membership. The Annual General Meeting is held in April of every year.

Being a member of the Committee allows you to guide decision-making, help plan OGA events and volunteer your time at various OGA and Perth College activities. It’s a great way to stay involved, have fun and keep in touch with Old Girls from all class cohorts.

The Perth College OGA Committee meet once a month on a Tuesday at 6.30 pm in Myalla House, 34 Lawley Crescent, Mount Lawley.

Committee Members

President: Stephanie (Jennings) Fullarton (1979)

Vice President: Linda (Meyers) Hyland (1968)

Secretary: Katrina (Port) Harrison (1988)

Treasurer: Jen (Stewart-Wynne) Sarre (1988)

Council Representative: Jane Scott (1975)

Foundation Representative: Angel Chen (2008)

Myalla Editor: Mignon (Henne) Stewart (1988)

Bursary Trustees: President, Treasurer and Foundation Representative

Committee: Malinda Blair (1996), Denise (Jones) Hall (1979), Yvette (Wiklund) Jones (1996), Lesley (Dunstan) Keen (1958) and Toby (Rosenthal) Whyte (1992)

Young Old Girls’ Advisory (YOGA)

YOGA is a joint initiative of the Perth College Foundation and the Old Girls' Association which aims to maintain connections with our younger Old Girls aged 18 to 30 years. YOGA members have access to exclusive alumni events and programs, tailored to support social, personal and professional development, plus our talented and inspirational global alumni community.

The Advisory comprises of dedicated, driven and passionate Perth College graduates who support and engage with the younger Old Girl community. YOGA meetings are held at 6pm on the third Thursday of each month in Myalla House and attendance by Perth College young Old Girls is warmly welcomed! Like to know more? Contact YOGA Co-ordinator Jade Guerrini via jadeguerrini@outlook.com

Additionally, the virtual YOGA Career Networking Series provides young Old Girls with the opportunity to network with professionals from various backgrounds. Find details of scheduled events here.