Our Fees

Fees and Charges

Enrolling your daughter in a private, fee-paying school such as Perth College is a considerable financial commitment. Our commitment to you, though, is that we strive to make your investment in your daughter’s future worth every cent. We have yet to meet a parent on Graduation Day who regrets giving their daughter a world-class education at Perth College.

The benefits of more personalised attention, smaller class sizes, specialist teachers in girls' education, world-class facilities, our positive education model and range of co-curricular activities open up a world of opportunities.

At Perth College, we believe in being transparent about our fees structure, choosing to make the information available on our website.

Our Schedule of Fees and Charges for 2024 are listed below. This information is also being sent to Perth College families via email. If you have any queries, email [email protected] or call 9471 2107.

Flexible Payment Option – Edstart

Families wishing to spread school fee payments can apply for an Edstart payment plan. You can reduce your repayment amount with an extended plan over multiple years, up to five years after graduation. For more information, visit edstart.com.au/perthcollege.