Our Approach

The power of Inquiry Learning in our Junior School

At Perth College, one of the pedagogical approaches used in the Junior School is inquiry-based learning. Based on the belief that students learn best when actively engaged and inquisitive, this method of teaching empowers them to be curious, explore and discover new knowledge and understanding with the support of their teachers



Provocations can take various forms, depending on the year level, subject matter, and classroom context. They are selected or crafted by educators to spark curiosity and initiate the inquiry process. The goal of a provocation is to spark student’s curiosity and hook them into learning, prompting them to ask questions and engage in research, discussion, and investigation. When students are curious and motivated to learn, they are more likely to take ownership of their learning and actively participate in the learning process.

Connecting to the Curriculum

As students move through the Junior School, they develop more independence with the inquiry process. Inquiry learning presents opportunities to explicitly teach the various skills outlined within the curriculum while supporting students to develop their ability to drive their own learning. It provides the opportunity to foster skills such as curiosity, problem-solving and critical thinking, supporting our students to develop their ability to research and communicate effectively.


Developing a love for Learning

As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of education, inquiry-based learning provides a wonderful opportunity to develop learners who not only love learning, but are also curious, capable and know how to learn. Inquiry learning places emphasis on not only what students learn, but how they learn developing self-directed learners who are prepared for a future filled with challenges and opportunities.