Years 3 to 6

Empowering and Informing our Learners

Academic and Inquiry Learning

Strong literacy and numeracy skills equip students with the essential tools to comprehend complex information, communicate effectively, and make informed decisions, empowering them to succeed in both their academic and real-world endeavors.

Active, inquiry learning is a feature of our programs, allowing for integration of curricula to foster deep and authentic understanding, whilst developing dispositions, such as grit, perseverance, critical and creative thinking.

Perth College also offers Learning Engagement programs for students who require support or extension.

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Programs and Experiences

In the primary years, students are provided with enriching specialist lessons to grow their passions across a variety of disciplines including Art, Drama/Dance, Library, Music, Languages (Mandarin or French), Physical Education, Inside Out and sparc.

Beginning in Year 3, an engaging Outdoor Education Program is introduced, providing hands-on learning experiences. All students in Years 3 to 5, participate in a compulsory Band and Strings program and Year 6 students take the lead roles in the annual Junior School Musical.

Our comprehensive co-curricular sports program encourages physical activity, teamwork and competitive spirit, with swimming, cross country, athletics, netball and cricket just some of the options available. Furthermore, we offer a wide array of co-curricular activities, such as debating, chess and coding to encourage students to explore their interests beyond the classroom.

Service Learning

In the tradition of our founding Sisters, we place importance on service learning, with students regularly visiting nearby aged care homes to give back to the community.