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Junior School Redevelopment

Junior School Redevelopment

Perth College has been providing world-leading education and forging a reputation for outstanding academic and personal accomplishment for over 120 years.

The new Junior School Redevelopment is an exciting and important project that will support both current and future student needs.

Junior School Redevelopment | Digital Flythrough Video

The building was designed in consultation with staff, students and families with the following principles in mind:

  • Embodying joy in learning and creating a sense of fun.
  • Making the learning process visible and encouraging innovation, including taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them.
  • Using space, technology and pedagogy to inspire creativity, courage, invention and innovation.
  • Providing agile and flexible spaces, nurturing diversity through collaboration and individuality and empowering students as learners.
  • Promoting indoor and outdoor connections, with natural light and fresh air to allow for greater activation, movement and engagement.
  • Ampitheatre - zoomed out
  • Ampitheatre - zoomed in
  • Back view from the theatre

The new building will have three levels, each providing an agile learning environment, with a clearly defined function and purpose.


Taking advantage of the sloping site, the undercroft will provide three multipurpose spaces designed to work both separately and collectively. Two of the spaces are designed to support a wide range of activities and the third will be used as a dance studio with a sprung floor.

Undercroft Layout
Undercroft Layout

Ground Floor

This level will be dedicated to Junior School students, with large, flexible classrooms. All will connect to a Learning Common, a devoted space providing break-out learning areas with diverse possibilities. Learning and teaching spaces are adaptable in order to encourage and promote collaboration, innovation and connection.

Ground Floor Layout
Ground Floor Layout

Upper Floor

This level will provide a staff area and three large multi-purpose meeting rooms. These rooms are designed to support the operational needs of the community. This level is also easily adaptable to accommodate future growth, allowing for additional classrooms and break-out learning spaces.

Upper Floor Layout
Upper Floor Layout

Donation Opportunities

The Perth College community will have the opportunity to support the Junior School Redevelopment project. Our campus has been the beneficiary of generous contributions from current and past parents, our Old Girls' Association, the Perth College Foundation and other philanthropic donors.

This generosity has enabled the expansion and growth of school, including the fit-out of Excelsior House, the Judith Cottier Theatre, Jean Rogerson Science Centre and Founders Centre for Early Learning.

If you would like to discuss donation opportunities for the Junior School Redevelopment, please contact [email protected] or phone +61 (8) 9471 2163