Learning Engagement

Learning Engagement


At Perth College, we celebrate diversity and individual strengths. Through innovation and quality learning and teaching, our staff deliver programs to inspire and engage students of all abilities. We recognise that some students need more support, intervention and/or class adjustments. We create plans, in partnership with families, to improve educational outcomes and support wellbeing.

How it works

Learning Engagement focuses upon meeting students’ needs through:

  • Dynamic, evidence-informed identification
  • Intervention when required
  • Development and delivery of appropriate curricula to challenge and engage
  • Ongoing case-management of identified students
  • A caring and compassionate approach to student development
  • Professional learning for teachers, parents and the wider school community
  • Creating plans, including for Learning Adjustment, English as an Additional Language of Dialect, Gifted Educational Profile and Individual Education


We track the progress of all students. This allows us to identify those who may need:

  • Learning engagement support
  • Extension programs or
  • Provisions beyond the core curriculum.

Our Learning Engagement staff collaborate with teachers, Heads of Department and other key stakeholders to support differentiated, inclusive educational opportunities.

You can read more about our Gifted and Talented program here.

Junior School

In the Junior School homeroom classroom offers quality, tiered, differentiated instruction. Our Learning Engagement team works alongside teachers to ensure learning activities provide ample opportunity for success. Interventions can include cluster grouping; vertical grouping; acceleration; project-based withdrawal/academic learning sprints; peer mentoring; and access to external competitions and initiatives.

Senior School

Teachers are supported to develop subject-specific, academic curricula to challenge students and support talent development. Some students need extra support and this can include:

  • Streaming for MESH subjects
  • Small class sizes
  • Support classes for literacy, numeracy and executive functioning
  • Before-school intervention for spelling, numeracy and working memory
  • Support and monitoring
  • Peer Mentoring and Academic Coaching

Learning Engagement Partnerships

  • Gifted WA
  • Dyslexia-Speld Foundation (DSF)
  • Growing up Greatness (Kylie Bice)