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2021 has been a big year for the Perth College Netball Academy, with almost half of this season’s teams finishing in top positions and going on to play finals.

Despite a few hiccups and fixture changes due to last-minute lockdowns, the season was far less interrupted by COVID-19 than 2020 and students were able to enjoy plenty of healthy competition, as well as further improve their skills and sportsmanship.

The club also welcomed Fran Farrington as a PCNA Co-ordinator in 2021 after wishing the long-standing Anne Green well with her retirement last season.

Ms Farrington and her fellow PCNA Co-ordinator, Kerrilee Kenny, said there was so much to love about being a part of PCNA.

“This year specifically, a highlight has been how our clubs have pulled together to provide fill-in players when players are away or unable to play – we have some players playing two, even three games a day to help out other PCNA teams,” they said.

“PCNA is and always has been created to allow everyone to enjoy the game of Netball. Our club is for all Perth College players, regardless of ability."

“Even if playing is not your thing, you can also be involved through umpiring, coaching, or mentoring and we love that our Old Girls continue to give back to the program through coaching, umpiring and mentoring as well.”

Ms Farrington and Ms Kenny said one of their favourite parts of the year were the end-of-year festivities.

“Our wind up and presentations event, featuring a DJ and dancing, is just the best way to finish off a great season and celebrate everything PCNA,” they said.

PCNA also celebrated three teams competing in grand finals this season.

We are already looking forward to seeing students back on the Netball courts next year!