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The annual Year 10 camp headed north for the first time this year for 10 days of hiking through Ninghan Station, four and a half hours north of Perth.

With an unaccompanied hike, Indigenous culture information session and a solo day also thrown into the mix, the camp focused on building resilience and fostering connections.

Year 10 student, Rhiannon, described the experience as challenging, yet also grounding.

“We saw wildflowers of all shapes and colours and even animals, such as wild horses and echidnas. Although we were thrown out of routine for 10 days, I’ve never felt more at peace within myself,” she said.

Somy said she wasn’t expecting to even be able to complete the requirements of camp, let alone actually enjoy it.

“I found it very hard, as most things I was expected to do I had never done before. Thankfully, I was able and the sense of achievement felt rewarding,” she said.

“I’m very happy to be back in the real world, I’m also grateful I decided to go on camp as it taught me many valuable life lessons, like never taking things for granted.”