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The Perth College community has dug deep and donated generously towards creating care packs for children affected by Cyclone Seroja earlier this month.

This week, students put together more than 70 packs filled with books, pens, toys and more!

Cyclone Seroja battered large areas of the Mid-West of WA on April 11. Severe wind gusts hit the towns of Geraldton and Kalbarri causing devastating damage to homes and buildings and leaving thousands of people without power.

Some of our Perth College community were impacted by the natural disaster and we have been sending our thoughts and prayers to them.

In an effort to help in a safe, positive way, Perth College asked families to donate items to make activity packs for children in pre-school and primary school.

This weekend, the packs will be delivered to families in the areas affected by the cyclone, with the hope they provide some welcome fun and distraction.

Year 7 student, Amelie, said she enjoyed writing notes of support for the children, which will also be included in each pack.

"We reassured them and wrote them encouraging words telling them they are awesome and that everything would be okay," she said.

"It was very positive. We reminded them that we were here to help and we are sending our love from PC."

Reverend Linda praised the Perth College community for their generosity and for the kind words written by students.

"There have been some amazingly creative letters and we thank all the classes who have written notes of encouragement," she said.

"Thank you also for all of the personal donations. You are all amazing."

"We hope these will bring fun and enjoyment where it is needed."

  • Year 7 Students Helping to Create the Care Packs this Week
  • Year 7 Students Helping to Create the Care Packs this Week
  • Year 7 Students Helping to Create the Care Packs this Week