Earlier this year, PC Music teacher, Gianni Corvaia, started a songwriting club for Music students in Years 10 and 11.

Eight students worked closely together for six months, battling challenges and "unforeseen setbacks" to write and develop the song, Fly.

The team started by listening to some of Mr Corvaia's songs to find inspiration before coming up with a few ideas for the basis of their song. They first decided on a chord progression then created a melody over it.

"We then brainstormed themes for our song, looking at ideas such as being a teenager and overcoming problems, growing up and nostalgia," the Club said collectively.

"With these ideas and the melody in mind, we started writing lyrics and gave our completed lyrics and melody to Mr. Corvaia. He produced the song, adding in different instrumental parts, from Jasmine on tuba to Isha on viola.

"Everyone also had a chance to sing in the song, as Mr. Corvaia wanted us all to have a go - for better or worse."

Fly is a reminder to keep reaching for the stars, even when you feel like giving up.

The students then worked with a group of very talented Year 11 Design and Technology students on a music video to bring the words to life.

Fly was written and produced by Gianni Corvaia and the PC Songwriting Club. The music video was produced by Ailee Carpenter, Brianne Luckie and Chloe Cater.

We hope you enjoy Fly.

'Fly' by the PC Songwriting Club