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Lights, Camera, Action for Fiddler on the Roof

Earlier this year, a talented and energetic Senior School cast performed Fiddler on the Roof under the brilliant direction of Tyler Jones.

“It was a joy working with the ensemble of students onstage, the orchestra, the stage crew and Performing Arts staff, with each member of the production team giving their full commitment to the show,” Acting Head of Performing Arts, Jane Artelaris, said.

2021 Music Captain, Sarah, said she felt honoured to play principal character, Golde.

“Our musicals and the Perth College Performing Arts program open up incredible opportunities to create friendships, stretch your skills and, for so many of us, bring alive dreams for the future,” she said.

Making Memories at Music Camp

It was a weekend full of exploring creative passions, rehearsing new songs and refining musical skills at the 2021 Music Camp in May! Year 7 to 10 Music students headed to Hillarys for two days before hosting a ‘Camp Concert’ for friends and family on their return to school.

Bands, orchestras and choirs rehearsed for more than 10 hours to bring six pieces up to performance level for the concert which Year 10 student, Cindy, described as “tiring but worth it in the end”.

Cindy added that the experience was about so much more than making music.

“Life in the dormitories around other Music students was great. Everyone had a lot to say when it came to the thing we are all passionate about – music,” she said.

"We had some really good chats in the dorms, I got the chance to talk to people I don’t normally talk to and I made some great friends."

Perth Speech and Drama Festival Showcases Talent

The Perth Speech and Drama Festival wrapped up in June after three weekends of Poetry and Drama performances, with Perth College students taking part in the annual festival to showcase their talent, develop resilience and demonstrate courage.

Speech and Drama teacher, Deb Mitchell, congratulated the participants who she said “performed above expectation”.

“They can feel proud knowing they achieved their personal best… they have gained personal success, more confidence and refined their performance skills,” she said.

It was a bittersweet moment for Ms Mitchell, who resigned shortly after the event following almost 20 years of leading the Perth College Speech and Drama program.

She leaves with fond memories, having created a legacy of positive and capable students, and we wish her all the best!


Chloe, Sophie, Harley, Izabella, Cassidy, Valentine, Zara, Genevieve (Year 5); London, Michelle (Year 6)


Millie, Alexander (Year 6); Isla, Sophia, Sylvie (Year 7); Nadia, Madeline (Year 8); Cleo (Year 9)


First Prize: Eliza


Highly Commended: Emily


Highly Commended: Jasmine

Under the Sea for the Junior School Musical

From ‘Under the Sea’ to ‘Part of your World’, this year’s Junior School Musical featured everyone’s favourite Disney songs and characters from the underwater kingdom of Atlantica.

The performance of The Little Mermaid JR had audiences tapping and singing along when it took to the stage in September.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 brought the 1989 Disney film to life with fantastic acting, engaging dance numbers and, of course, beautiful singing!

Based on the classic story by Hans Christian Andersen, the show followed Ariel, a mermaid who dreams of the world above the sea and gives up her voice to find love.

Director, Tyler Jones, said everything about the production, from the costumes to the set, was “truly unique and spectacular”.

“(The show) gave Junior School students an opportunity to step into another world – a colourful underwater fantasy land filled with vibrant and memorable characters, catchy songs, high drama, side-splitting comedy, and sweeping romance," he said.

"Students loved putting their own stamp on this much-loved tale, and I was so impressed with the energy, enthusiasm and imagination they brought into the rehearsal room."

Sharing Stories Between Generations Through Drama

This year saw the launch of an extra special m!n! eP!C Youth Co. Drama project involving Year 1, 2 and 7 to 12 students, as well as an incredible group of residents from Juniper St David’s.

Throughout Terms One and Two, students spent lunchtimes listening to stories and playing games with their buddies from St David’s before writing, designing and directing their own performance creations based on the favourite stories that were shared with them.

Buddies, friends and families were then invited along to a wonderful presentation of their performance in June, before a celebratory, heart-warming morning tea and the opportunity to reminisce on the project and share sentimental life lessons.

2021 Drama Captains, Ionia and Lauren, described it as a “mini project with mini people that provided epic opportunities for courage, connection, community and collaboration”.

“As Drama Captains, we had the honour of guiding them through this process alongside guest artist, Tayla Fordham from Curtin University,” they said.

“It was a joyful and inspirational moment for us to be able to step back and see the ensemble flourish on stage and their buddies ignite with delight in the audience.”

A Dance Spectacle of Concepts and Origins

“SPIN: Origins celebrates the birth of concepts we might have grown to underappreciate in our ever-evolving world.”

It was a dance spectacle audiences won’t forget any time soon.

This year’s SPIN production, Origins, used concept starting points as a stimulus to celebrate people, the land, the environment and evolution into the 21st century.

Following rehearsals in Term Two, students took to the stage in August for two incredible shows as part of the biennial co-curricular dance production.

Senior School students worked collaboratively with 2021 Dance Captains, Emily and Chelsey, Old Girls, staff and guest choreographers to create performance pieces from a wide variety of genres.

Dance teacher, Amy Fittock, said many of the choreographers were Old Girls who grew up performing in SPIN.

“It is a heart-warming experience to see them return with eagerness to share their passion for dance with our current students,” she said.

“The sense of community Dance at Perth College offers encapsulates our values of capable, courageous and caring."

“While I was on maternity leave for the actual show, my thoughts and well wishes were with the students for the performances and with Miss Caitlin McNulty who assisted and supported throughout the production.”

Celebrating Creativity at House Arts Day!

Singing, dancing, telling stories, performing, costumes, workshops and more – this year’s House Arts Day really had it all!

The much-loved annual event was postponed until the first week of Term Three after a circuit-breaker lockdown was announced, cancelling all school events during the last week of Term Two.

The last-minute rescheduling didn’t stop it from being one of the best House Arts Days ever, with Arts and House Captains working hard in the lead-up to the event to make it enjoyable and memorable.

Houses took to the stage against one another in the House Drama competition, there was a fashion parade for students dressed in costumes and plenty of festival activities and creative workshops to take part in, all based on this year’s ‘Storytelling’ theme.

Workshops included puppet making, theatre sports, circus skills, floral art, hip hop dance and video editing – just to name a few.

As if the day couldn’t be more exciting, the Year 3 to 9 students also worked together as part of a House Dance Competition, while Year 4 to 6 classes collaborated with Senior School students to take part in the House Choir competition.

Year 6 Student Leaders organised an artistic House activity to bring the Junior School students together and Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 students participated in an interactive suitcase circus program and an African drumming circle.

With the Theatre at capacity and parents unable to spectate in person, a livestream was set up for each of the House Drama, Dance and Choir competitions to share the incredible performances with the Perth College community.

Principal, Helen Aguiar, described the atmosphere of the School on House Arts Day as “electric”.

“It was truly wonderful to provide students and staff with the opportunity to get together in a different context and celebrate creativity at its best,” she said.

“The House spirit was uplifting and the competition was fierce. Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved in making it happen."