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Emerging singer-songwriter and Perth College Year 12 student, Breannah, is celebrating after her debut single, Moving On, was nominated for a West Australian Music (WAM) Award.

Bre, who makes music under the name Castle, was nominated for 2021 Song of the Year in a pool of more than 1,200 competitive entries from all across the state. She also joins PC Old Girl, Siobhan Cotchin (2017), who was nominated for the second year in a row!

Bre said it felt "surreal" to be nominated.

"There are some insane entries with beautiful and talented artists all around WA," she said.

"As the single was my first ever worldwide public display of my own original work, I never expected it to be picked up with as big of a competition as this.

"I certainly could not have done it without the wonderful support from friends and family, as well as my producers and master and anyone else who worked on the track."

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Since the release of Moving On earlier this year, Bre has taken off, forging her own path to establish her musical identity.

A contemporary mix of genres, raw energy, exceptional hooks and hypnotic vocals, Bre described her debut single as a reflection of a coming-of-age experience that will resonate with many.

"The song is about the realisation that the end of a relationship does not have to be a heartbreaking experience, it can be a release. It’s an anthem to better times and new beginnings, to the growth and evolution of the teenager," she said.

"Moving On now has more than 18,000 listens on Spotify and my artist profile now has 3,000 average monthly listeners.

"I was heavily involved in the media during the months that followed the release taking part in radio interviews both live and pre-recorded all over Australia as apart of the press release."

The song was even picked up by nationwide community and commercial radio stations and was entered into songwriting competitions, one of which she won!

"One of the best things to come out of this was that I was a winner of the NSW CALM Youth Week Songwriting competition where myself and two other young people spent the day workshopping a new song via ZOOM with Ilan Kidron from The Potbelleez," Bre said.

"Ilan, who is such a gentle soul and an incredible lead singer and guitarist, helped us to get the ball rolling on some new creations.

"Now I have a new single to be released which is groovy as fire!"

Speaking of her next move, Bre is hoping to get to Sydney soon to make contact with some big-name producers and even get into a recording studio over there to "work some magic".

"I’ve had to take a step back from everything that wasn’t school-related to focus on exams, however, with the July school holidays on the horizon... who knows? Maybe I'll have some new content before the end of the year after all," she said.

Until then, Bre is excited to attend her first WAM Song of the Year Awards Party and meet some of WA's most talented songwriters at Freo Social later this month.

  • Photographs by Andrew Ho
  • Photographs by Andrew Ho