Every week, Junior School students with a passion for all things Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths put their minds to the test at STEaMologists Club.

In this ‘Spotlight on STEaM’, we take a look at some of the Year 4 to 6 students who will spend the next term planning, designing, researching and creating solutions real-world problems. We'll be sure to highlight more groups as they progress with their innovative inventions over the coming weeks!

Sacha and Maddie

Year 5 students, Sacha and Maddie, are developing a tool to mechanically and sustainably farm water.

“There is drought around the earth, and we are trying to fix that by making a drill that drills the water from the riverbed,” they said.

“Some water is going to waste, and we want to get that water so people can drink it.

“That's the problem and we're working on the solution now.”

Taylor and Nina

Taylor and Nina (Year 6) hope to improve health and wellbeing with their app, Walk the Talk.

The app encourages people who may not exercise a lot, or are carrying extra weight, to move more often by entertaining you with interesting facts about things in the area you are exercising in.

The app, which can be also downloaded onto a smartwatch, also has a bunch of other exciting features and benefits.

“There are apps already out there that give you money to walk, but our money is called Green Dollars and they can be used for charities and good stuff,” they said.

“Also, every time you walk, say 20 kilometres in total, you unlock the next level which might be running or cycling or swimming. It keeps people engaged because if they keep walking and getting fitter, they might get bored.

“It helps the environment as well because cars cause pollution. The fumes that come from cars can cause respiratory disease.”

Zara, Suria and Poppy

Year 5 students, Zara, Suria and Poppy, are working on a glove that uses sensors and electricity to help people with Parkinson’s control their hands from shaking.

The glove will use sensors to pick up the amount of shake and electricity to send small shocks to hopefully ease the shakes.

Zara said she was inspired to come up with a solution like this because she has a relative with Parkinson’s.

“I've done a lot of research and there are more than 6 million people with Parkinson's,” she said.

“When their hands shake constantly, it puts pressure and tension on their wrists so it can be very tiring and become painful.

“There are a few other inventions on the market at the moment, but they are more like creams.”

Romilly and Valentine

Romilly and Valentine (Year 5) plan to invent an app to help musical maestros.

The Instrument Practice Perfecter will inform you if your instrument is flat and helps users to tune their instruments.

“I did a lot of research and found a heap of apps like it, so we need to diversify it and we have heaps of other ideas,” Romilly said.

  • All of the Action as STEaMologists Get Under Way!
  • All of the Action as STEaMologists Get Under Way!
  • All of the Action as STEaMologists Get Under Way!
  • All of the Action as STEaMologists Get Under Way!