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Perth College has partnered with a number of providers to host a range of exciting holiday workshops on campus between Monday 5 July and Friday 16 July. From cake decorating, to dance experiences and coding opportunities, there is something to keep everyone entertained during the holidays.

See below for a full list of holiday workshops or to make a booking.

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Strength Heroes develops the art of resilience through unique art and play workshops. Our workshops are engaging and entertaining and based on the principles of positive psychology. They create a play experience to tap into children’s ability to imagine and make sense of life’s challenges.

Booking code for all workshops: https://www.strengthheroes.com.au/workshops

I am Amazing

Is your child a keen creative? They will learn new skills and let their creativity flow as they complete Zen tangling, acrylic painting, drawing and clay sculpting under the guidance of a talented artist. They will create a self-portrait painting and a fantastic clay beast to remind them of how amazing and unique they are. Not only will your child learn new art skills, they will also explore and celebrate their strengths through art activities with tips and tricks to build their resilience.

Mindblown: Art Meets Science

Is your child a hands-on learner and budding scientist? This art-meets-science workshop will thrill the most curious of minds by making a simple flip-book animation and marbled paper, discovering the intriguing art of print-making and more!

Architect for a Day

Does your child like to create things from scratch? This workshop is a fantastic way for your child to thrive in a creative environment under the guidance of an architect and model maker. They will learn special tips and tricks for designing and building their own either real or imagined structure from scratch in this STEaM workshop with a difference. Kids will be encouraged to let their creativity run free, develop their ideas and to create a structure they wouldn’t have thought was possible!

Dream Weaver

Does your child enjoy tactile, hands-on experiences? They will be guided through a textile, wire and beading arts and crafts experience by a talented artist, learning new skills in weaving, drawing using paint pens and sculpting. Children will let their creativity flow as they create a paint and woven face hanging piece and a straw, wire and wool 3D creature sculpture of their own imagination.

Mistake Maker

Imagine your child dealing with mistakes and facing worries with confidence and a growth mindset. Kids will explore the art of being and thinking like a Mistake Maker by creating three art projects that ‘make something from a mistake’, learning strategies to think with a growth mindset and react with confidence when mistakes happen, learning about famous Mistake Makers in history and improving their problem-solving skills through STEM challenges. They will let their creativity flow as they complete Zen tangling, painting, drawing to scale, calming colouring in, weaving and clay sculpting. As they learn new art skills, they will also learn resilience and mindfulness techniques and receive our BAT and Wizzy Dizzy to help manage their emotions when big emotions strike.

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Minecraft Camp

This fun, educational and engaging Minecraft camp will help students continue their learning and connections long after the workshop finishes. Using Java Minecraft on laptops, students will learn crafting, teleporting and how to navigate between worlds using commands. Working on a network of multiple private servers, students will start off in a tutorial section before graduating through levels of difficulty into other servers and worlds. The day is designed to maximise collaboration between players and players will have the chance to earn leadership ranks on the day. All students will receive free access to the Mind Buzz camp world and online courses after the workshop.

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Back by popular demand, this all-day Dance Mania workshop will teach your child many forms of dance with mini lessons in Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. Learn real dance steps and choreography, play dance and drama games, get creative making up your own routine and then celebrate with a performance at the end of the day for parents to see and a fun dance party with costumes and glow sticks!

This workshop is perfect for creative children who want to explore all aspects of dance and performance, from taking classes to designing their own costumes! Throughout the day, children will take part in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop dance classes, work together to put on a performance and learn what it takes to be a teacher and performer themselves.

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In this class, you will be decorating a mermaid cake and four matching cupcakes. You will make all icing features and then learn how to create the sparkling tail and ocean creatures. All decorations are edible. Take all your creations home and share the magic with your friends and family.

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Code Camp are excited to be returning to Perth College to teach your child to code, or to help them continue on their coding adventure! Code Camp teaches kids important new skills including logic, creativity, problem-solving, app development and game building in a fun and engaging way to prepare them for the digital world of the future.

Booking code for all workshops: https://www.codecamp.com.au/perthcollege


For students new to Code Camp, regardless of their prior coding experience, Spark is where they should start their journey. In this fun, engaging and challenging workshop, students will design a platformer game and then bring it to life with intuitive, yet powerful, drag-and-drop code. Learning the fundamentals of coding gives children the confidence and knowledge to be in control with technology and develop their creative, problem-solving and digital storytelling skills.

YouTube Creators

YouTube Creators Camp is for budding vloggers, gamers and content creators! Kids are invited to harness their creativity and join us for three days of planning, storytelling, shooting and video editing. While we can’t promise YouTube stardom, kids will leave having produced and directed their own ideas instead of simply watching other people's!

Blast 3D

Children can code with their favourite characters from previous Spark and Ignite camps. Get ready for unbelievable excitement when they see them come to life in 3D! This pure JavaScript camp is perfect for kids who are looking to improve their skills and build an awesome 3D adventure game.


Animation camp is the exciting intersection between storytelling, art and technology. Over two days, your child will create two movies from scratch using stop-motion animation – the process of taking multiple images of objects and stitching them together to look like they’re moving.

DJ Camp

Students will take their first steps into the wild world of mixing music to create unforgettable experiences. Future music makers will learn from and collaborate with real DJs and producers to create their very own mix and perform it to their class on professional DJing equipment.

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Human Anatomy – Heart and Eye

How many places on your body can you measure your heart rate? Where is your blind spot? What does a real heart and eye look and feel like inside and out? This exciting, challenging and hands-on human anatomy workshop is guided by a registered teacher specialising in the gifted and talented education, and a registered emergency nurse. Students aspiring to work in the medical fields and inquisitive children will explore the human body like never before, developing anatomical knowledge and fostering critical and creative thinking. This one is fun but not for the fainthearted!

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This exclusive, female-only program aims to provide girls with greater opportunities to discover and develop their AFL skills. The program is developed by females, for females, with an emphasis on skill development, mindfulness and body awareness and focused on girls who have never played football before or those who want to challenge themselves. Education sessions are also incorporated to discuss leadership, mental strength and resilience, sportsmanship and confidence in sport.