Year 5 student Evelyn’s story brought a smile to our faces and we hope it brightens your day too!

One chilly winter’s day Tomas was trudging along the street looking blue. Pacing was the only thing that kept him entertained for the Coronavirus had stopped all his usual activities. He envied the lucky children that had devices and Nintendo to play on. School camp was cancelled and so were family vacations, not that he had enough money to go on them anyway.

After about the twentieth time around the block he got bored of pacing and decided to do something else. The question is what. Out of the corner of his eye Tomas saw a girl about his age and a bucket of chalk drawing pictures on the side walk. That gave him the brilliant idea to go and ask her if he could join in and help her.

Of course she said yes and explained that she too had been bored out of her mind when an old lady came up to her with a bucket of brightly coloured chalk. The old lady said that her children used to draw with chalk before they moved out of the house and went to college. The girl whose name turned out to be Josie was very grateful of the kind offer and went to use the chalk right away.

Together they created picture after picture that went all over the street. People stopped and stared and some children even joined in making sure to stay one and a half metres apart. Even the old lady was there handing out freshly baked choc-chip cookies.

The chalk is now left there to fade with the sun the rain and the wind, just like the memories of the now grown up children.