Be the Best Version of You There Can Be

More than 100 years of history as a girls’ school and our research through the InsideOut self-leadership programme have shown young girls often lack confidence, are afraid to put their hand up in class or don’t want to stand out from the crowd, especially in mixed company.
We know each student is an individual. We know each girl, regardless of her age, has the potential to be the absolute best at whatever she puts her mind to. Whether her talents lie in subjects such as Music, Art, Humanities and Social Sciences, or Maths, or her passion is in performing or public speaking, or she feels most comfortable on the sporting field, she should feel proud to excel.
In our quest to develop intelligent, confident, determined young women, Perth College encourages hard work, determination and self-belief. Be the Best Version of You There Can Be is a keepsake for every girl, to help her on her way in life and assure her it’s okay to be unique, to be her best, and to be herself.
Click on the images for a sneak peek at some of the pages and request your own copy of the book by emailing or calling 9471 2146.