There’s a lot to say for the confidence, sense of community, leadership and humility our girls gain from playing sports. Our comprehensive sports programme is run by a dedicated Physical Education department and a team of expert coaches - all outstanding athletes and leaders in their fields who provide girls the best grounding and development in their chosen sports. As a member of IGSSA (Independent Girls’ Schools’ Sports Association), we participate in a number of summer and winter sports.

Term One:
Swimming, tennis and volleyball 

Term Two:     
Cross country running, netball, hockey and rowing
Watch the video of our cross country training. 

Term Three:     
Soccer, basketball and athletics

Term Four:       
Water polo and softball

Girls also have the opportunity to join numerous clubs, including Perth College Netball Academy, the 100 Club where girls aim to run up to 100km in a year, or the Fitness Club, which offers a range of exercise programmes for a variety of ages.

At Perth College we believe all girls should participate in some kind of sporting activity and we pride ourselves on helping them get the most out of their sports. Over the years we have been very successful in sports such as rowing, soccer and athletics.

In 2014, Perth College defended its softball title in the Independent Girls’ Schools’ Sports Association (IGSSA) competition, and also placed first in Junior A soccer. Our rowers finished the season second overall while the school was third in netball and basketball.

Win or lose, we take pride in knowing our girls are learning how to manage their emotions, to push themselves, to harness their passion and to work with others to reach results. These are all valuable life skills that turn our girls into confident young women, and therefore sport is a very important aspect of life at Perth College.