Self-leadership Programme

We are the only school within WA to offer a self-leadership programme of this nature. Perth College’s InsideOut programme was only established a few years ago, but we are already seeing great results. This programme is born directly out of our belief in the importance of women in leadership; a philosophy that harks back to the very beginning, when the Sisters who founded the School shared a vision for the potential of women that truly challenged the accepted ideas of the time. They nurtured the notion that young women should feel proud to be smart, and work hard to make the most of it, and in turn become strong leaders in their own right.

Today we believe that philosophy is stronger than it’s ever been, thanks to this unique initiative. InsideOut stands for Inner Development, Outer Excellence, and is a programme that’s tailor-made for girls from Kindergarten through to Year 12. It creates girls who are confident and determined, and affirms that every girl can be a leader in some way.

There are four key stages, of which two are activated during the Senior School years.

Stepping Up…

Secondary schooling can be one of the most complex minefields for emotions. This stage, from Years 7 to 9, prepares our girls for their transition into their senior schooling and teen years.  Girls are taught to connect with their core values and beliefs, understand their strengths, deal with stress, develop confidence and be positive. They learn personal responsibility through such initiatives as the City After Dark tours into the CBD with a police officer, they learn to understand relationships through friendship or mother-daughter workshops, and they are encouraged to listen to their inner selves through Peer Power and Enlighten Education, whose programmes celebrate, challenge and change young women.

Stepping Beyond…

For Years 10 to 12, Girls are taught the techniques of positive self-leadership, which help students to make their personal lives and schooling more effective and meaningful. They learn how to lead themselves as well as others, during a two-day workshop at the University of WA’s Business School for Year 10s; the girls then put the skills learned into practice with an Amazing Race-style adventure in the city and later during their 10-day adventure-learning camp. They also learn how to prepare for life beyond Perth College through courses teaching the finer points of communication, presentation and etiquette as well as a road safety awareness course.

InsideOut is an initiative the entire Perth College community is very proud of, as it truly embodies the School’s philosophy of developing young girls into confident, capable and courageous leaders. We like to believe the Sisters who founded the School would be just as proud of this programme as we are.