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Pastoral Care

Supporting girls to grow into remarkable women

Girls entering the Senior School find themselves at an exciting, although sometimes daunting, stage of their lives. We nurture each girl emotionally, socially and spiritually to empower her to make good choices and to adjust to the expectations of secondary education through a strong pastoral care program.

Form teachers work with the Year Co-ordinators to guide the girls, monitor academic progress, assist with study programs and offer counselling and personal growth opportunities. Year Co-ordinators are supported by the Head of Senior School, Dean of Students, School and Careers Counsellors, and Chaplaincy.

Each student belongs to one of four House groups: Barron, Bedford, Campion or Lawley, with the same Form teacher from Years 7 to 12. This enables teachers to keep an eye on each girl’s academic progress, co-curricular commitments and wellbeing, while giving girls the opportunity to make friends amongst their House throughout a range of year groups.

Girls are also encouraged to socialise formally and informally through Socials, Dinner Dances and the Year 12 Ball. We partner with schools such as Hale School, Wesley College, Trinity College and Aquinas College to ensure girls interact regularly with boys and develop meaningful friendships.