Curriculum Handbook 2019 and Booklists

Our curriculum recognises that all students are individuals with different abilities, learning styles and learning rates. We know each girl has her own talents and gifts, and during her journey through Perth College, we help her develop these as well as gain new skills, knowledge and understandings to reach her personal best and meet her post-graduation goals.
We believe the best learning environment is one in which students feel safe to:

  • Take risks
  • Express their opinions and ideas
  • Ask questions and seek clarification
  • Reflect upon their learning, behaviour and actions
Students should also be challenged to move beyond their comfort zones, teaching them the value of persistence and helping them become resilient young women. Our teaching and learning programmes are varied, have purpose and (often) are fun, balancing experiential and didactic modes of teaching by:
  • Providing opportunities for teacher-directed and student-centred learning
  • Allowing for independent and collaborative learning opportunities
  • Utilising appropriate technologies

Importantly, students can participate and progress at their own level. Opportunities are provided for students to make appropriate choices and accept responsibility, developing both leadership and team skills, not only through classroom-based activities but also our co-curricular and InsideOut programmes.
Assessment has a four-fold purpose. It is formative, provides feedback on learning to each student, informs teaching, and updates parents and the wider community on progress and achievement.
For assessment to be valid, valuable and fair, students are provided with clear information on what type of assessment will be used, when it will occur and its nature. Where possible, multiple kinds of assessment data are collected so teachers can make accurate and informed judgments.
Our curriculum is underpinned by the Perth College Mission and Vision, and is aligned with the Curriculum Framework and the Australian Curriculum. They infuse all aspects of our planning and are explicitly acknowledged through our pastoral and leadership programmes which begin in the Junior School and continue into the Senior School.



2018 Booklists are available from the Hub
2019 Booklists will be available in Term Four