We encourage students to apply their minds to a diverse range of disciplines. It takes a strong work ethic to achieve this. It takes ambition. It requires girls to take themselves out of their comfort zones and beyond standard schooling requirements. It’s this way of thinking that gives our girls a truly global perspective, and in doing so, will turn each and every one of them into the confident leader they have the potential to be.

Our Senior School Co-curricular programme offers a challenging and diverse range of extra disciplines from Drama, Dance and Music to Sport and Debating. At a more granular level, we challenge our girls in programmes such as Tournament of Minds, Da Vinci Decathlon, Titration Stakes, BioGENEius, Alliance Francais and more. 


It’s proven that, beyond the actual pleasure and skill of mastering a musical instrument, music plays an important role in developing analytical skills and the ability to read social cues. We have a rich Music programme that, over the years, has seen our girls take their skills to the global stage. Our girls have performed with Aquinas College in Melbourne, Paris and the London Olympics. If our school is about developing girls with a confident mindset, moments like these certainly make that happen. Girls can hone their skills in choirs, concert bands, orchestras, chamber group and solo performances, which ensure we cater for all ranges of musical talents and styles.

Watch our string ensemble perform here.

Visual Arts

We are one of the few schools in Western Australia to offer a Kindergarten to Year 12 Visual Arts programme. Our specialist teachers offer every discipline you can think of, from drawing and painting, and sculpture and design, to textiles, and photography and printmaking. We have a modern Art department featuring four discipline-specific studios in which our students learn and create, and their work is regularly displayed in the foyer and hallway.

For two weeks during Term One, we host an artist-in-residence, so our girls gain firsthand experience from a leader in the creative arts. We also run trips to galleries and studios, and hold an art camp at the beginning of each year to inspire students preparing for their WACE. Our girls’ artworks are frequently shown in community galleries and exhibitions, and Perth College consistently ranks in the top 10 schools in WA for its Visual Arts courses. 

Discover more about our Art department here.

Dance and Drama

Self-expression, discipline, teamwork, seeing the world through artistic perspectives, performing in front of crowds; at every level our Dance and Drama programme teaches girls to think independently and grow into confident young women who are then ready to step up onto any stage.

The Perth College Dance/Drama programme is organised by both experienced teachers and guest artists, and is open to girls from Year 7 to 12. Our diverse programme offers a range of production and performance opportunities, including SPIN, musicals, and drama productions such as monologues and pantomimes.

SPIN: Through Time
This large-scale event was a breathtaking display of talent and skill across Years 7 to 12, and involved many past and present mentors and choreographers. Watch the performance.