Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care and Student Support

We want everyone in our Junior School to feel happy, safe and included every day.

Our Junior School community is small enough to ensure each girl and her family is well-known by the dedicated staff. Our students are nurtured in their class group, and teachers work with the Deans and Head of the Junior School to monitor academic progress, assist with study programs, counsel girls for individual issues, and foster personal development.

The Chaplaincy team, the Counsellor, and the Health Centre also provide specialist care. We share our Anglican faith with students from Kindergarten to Year 6 through regular Chapel services run by the Chaplaincy team and Year 6 Chapel Captains.

Our unique InsideOut program helps girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 develop leadership skills, become resilient and manage friendships.

Students are encouraged to take an active part in school life to develop a sense of connectedness and belonging, and the House system fosters this through regular sporting carnivals and activities.