Student Life

Perth College is a place where each student is given the opportunity to find her strengths, talents and passions and the confidence to realise them. Where she can be proud of aiming high and achieving. Where she can work hard to bring out the best in herself and those around her. Where she can develop an awareness of the world and contribute to the community she lives in. And where she will find her way in life, knowing it’s okay to be herself.

We strongly believe girls become confident young women when they feel supported and closely connected to the School.

For our girls to truly become the best they can be, they need the right structures and support systems in place. From the start, our comprehensive pastoral care programme allocates each girl to one of four Houses. Within each House, girls become members of small Form groups that they stay with through Years 7 to 12. In earlier years, students are nurtured in their class group with teachers in each level working with the Heads of House, the Deputy Head of the Junior School, and the Head of the Junior School. They monitor academic progress, assist with study programmes, counsel about individual problems and foster personal development. In the Senior School, Year Co-ordinators are supported in the delivery of pastoral care by the Deputy Principals, Dean of Student Services, the Chaplaincy team, Careers Counsellor and Health Centre staff.