Spiritual Life

We believe having positivity, optimism and faith are an important part of each student’s journey to becoming the best version of herself. 

Perth College was founded by the Community of the Sisters of the Church, based on the traditions of the Anglican Church; prayer was at the heart of the Sisters’ full and active lives. We assist all of our students to develop an awareness of faith and a willingness to work, learn, lead and serve in society.

Spirituality is an important part of the whole person and helps shape the girls and their attitudes to life. We nurture our students’ spirituality through regular services in the Chapel of St Michael and All Angels as well as a robust and intriguing Beliefs and Values curriculum tailored for the Junior and Senior Schools.

Our Chapel is the spiritual heart of the School and provides a place for worship as well as quiet contemplation. It was consecrated on 14 December 1927 and was the crowning of the Sisters’ educational work, marking the true completion of the School at the Mount Lawley site.

Perth College receives frequent requests for weddings and baptisms in the Chapel; use is reserved for Old Girls, staff members and the broader Perth College community. More information is available here.

Beliefs and Values

Our Beliefs and Values department works hard to encourage all of our girls to be aware of their body, mind, heart and spirit and develop their own spirituality through challenging yet enlightening programmes appropriate to each year level.

We believe it’s important each girl is equipped with skills and knowledge in religion, philosophy and ethics to ensure they make capable decisions in life with care, courage and confidence. To do this, we blend theory and practice, and our Chaplaincy team assists in providing liturgical and counselling services.

At the Junior level, we instill the basics of Christianity, while at a Senior level our programme becomes much richer, focusing on global Anglicanism, faith and spirituality. Years 7 to 10 students participate in subjects including Bible Studies, Philosophy, Social Justice and Spirituality, while Year 11 girls study Philosophy and Ethics 2A as a mandatory subject over the year. Students who complete this course have the opportunity to undertake Philosophy and Ethics 3A/3B in Year 12.


Perth College takes a team approach to its Chaplaincy services. Reverend Barry Moss is Senior Chaplain while Clare Hackett is Lay Chaplain.

Father Barry and Mrs Hackett work full-time and provide spiritual guidance, worship and pastoral care to students, staff and School families. The Chaplaincy team is also responsible for the preparation of girls for Baptism, Admission to Communion, and Confirmation within the Anglican Church of Australia’s guidelines. Weddings and Baptisms may be conducted in the School Chapel for members of our Perth College family.

Father Barry is an ordained Anglican Priest and is responsible for all Eucharistic Chapel services in both the Junior and Senior Schools, as well as Boarders’ Chapel services, Old Girls’ reunions and weddings which are held in the School Chapel. Father Barry works alongside the Beliefs and Values department to support and teach the Beliefs and Values curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Mrs Hackett is a well-qualified and experienced Beliefs and Values teacher and counsellor. She works alongside Father Barry to prepare Chapel Services and support staff, students and their families.