Our School

At Perth College we nurture intelligence and talent to help each girl find the gateway to her successful life. We believe true intelligence is the combination of natural ability and a hardworking attitude. It is this attitude that sets Perth College apart.

Like the Sisters of the Church who founded our School, we never forget the Christian principles upon which Perth College was built. Our staff and students know a quality education is an opportunity that can’t be taken for granted. Our humble beginnings laid the foundation of our culture, which champions resilience and rallies against entitlement. The School community believes smart is cool and hard work is to be admired. Being a good person is equally as important.

The reward is young women who graduate confident in who they are, and as ambitious and assertive as they are academically-gifted. We believe the most remarkable women are those who embrace their gifts and talents.

  • Principal's Message

    Our Principal is passionate about Perth College and wants others to feel the same.

    Welcome to the Perth College community. As you read through the pages of this site, you will learn about our wonderful students and our School, and get a feel for the vibrancy and strength of the wider Perth College community.

    Our students are independent, confident, and determined. They work hard to push intellectual boundaries, enjoy the freedom to experiment, engage in rigorous debate, strive for personal bests, embrace abundant leadership opportunities, learn to overcome obstacles and pray, laugh and grow. And they do all of this with a sense of humility.

    In a world obsessed with image, we nurture and encourage our girls to be spontaneous, to have greater self-confidence and to build a self-esteem which is grounded in self-awareness. From a young age, our girls are taught to think independently and develop the attitude that being smart is a great thing to be.

    Our School has a long tradition of educating girls, and was founded by women for women. Perth College has a strong philosophy of basing the education on the whole person – body, mind, heart and spirit – with a continued focus on academic excellence underpinned by strong pastoral care and a rich co-curricular programme across visual and performing arts, cultural activities and a wide range of sports.

    As an Anglican school, the tradition of Christian worship and education is important, with all students taking part in Chapel services and participating in the Beliefs and Values curriculum. The School has long championed the importance of making a difference and giving back to the community, and students are offered the opportunity to take part in meaningful social justice projects.

    Choosing a school can be one of the most challenging and difficult decisions a parent will make, as it really is an investment in your children’s future. I would encourage each and every parent to look for the school that best suits the needs and interests of their daughter. A school should offer an abundance of opportunities for students to explore, experience, learn, find their strengths and become the very best person they can.

    The Perth College staff are highly professional: their commitment underpins the warmth and strength of this school community. As a mother of four girls myself, including two Perth College graduates, I know how important good relationships are in a school and how a girl’s education is based on a strong partnership between the school and the home. Our staff welcome and encourage open and positive communication with parents.

    Of course, this website cannot take the place of visiting our School; I warmly welcome you to see our campus through an Information Session and Community Tour or our annual Open Day, and discover firsthand what makes a Perth College education so special.

    Warm regards,

    Jenny Ethell


  • Our Mission and Values

    When choosing the right school, few things are more important than making sure the school believes in and stands for the same things you do.

    Below are our Vision, Mission and Values. Perth College has been built on these beliefs and they guide the decisions we make every day.

    Perth College girls: Remarkable women

    Perth College, an Anglican school, prepares girls to think creatively, embrace personal excellence and live generously.

    A Perth College girl is:
    Capable:   continuously learning and striving to fulfil our potential as resourceful, confident women
    Courageous:           welcoming challenges with strength, confidence and resilience
    Caring: contributing to our community with integrity, respect and compassion