Old Girls' Association

Every student who has ever attended Perth College is eligible to join the Old Girls’ Association. There are two different types of membership: financial and non-financial.

The work and direction of the OGA is guided by the committee, and anyone who is a financial member of the Old Girls’ Association is eligible to nominate for committee membership. The Annual General Meeting is held in March of every year; please check the events page for upcoming events.

The Old Girls’ Association celebrated its centenary in 2013, and in its proud history there have been a number of people, not just Old Girls, who have contributed to making this organisation the force it is today. Those who have made a considerable difference who were not former students of the School have been awarded Honorary Old Girl status.

Perth College Old Girls’ Association has a continuously growing Alumnae community which was established in 1913. However, over time we sadly lose contact with some of our Old Girls.  Listed here are the names of our 1958 to 1968 Leavers and here are our 1988 Leavers whom we have no street or mailing address for.  If your name appears (or if you know someone who is listed below) please update your details or call Perth College Development Office on 9471 2124 or email oga@pc.wa.edu.au.  This will ensure the OGA  can keep you informed of the latest news, send you the Myalla magazine, Heritage Magazine, and of  course, invite you to special events.