Finding my feet has been made easier by a warm welcome from students, staff and parents It has been humbling to be welcomed so genuinely into this inclusive and vibrant school. I have been impressed by the warmth of the students, the support of staff and the collective community’s commitment to celebrating all that is unique about Perth College. I am still finding my feet but already I’m inspired by working alongside our teachers, students and parents in continuing to build a future-facing learning environment for all. Students have introduced themselves as I’ve moved around the School. I have been touched by the warm, welcoming, friendly faces that have greeted me throughout the term. Staff have also been extremely welcoming and supportive of me as I transitioned into my new role midyear. It is evident that our staff are passionate about their role in educating our students. The breadth of learning experiences offered to our students and the f lexibility of staff to think differently in a forever-changing environment is impressive. The biggest thing I’ve noticed so far is how our PC values are evident every day in students, teachers and parents. These programs are unique to Perth College and support well-rounded students in all aspects of their lives as confident, caring and capable I love how PC promotes self-directed learners, giving them agency over their learning. It’s incredible that our students have access to such rich learning experiences within our flagship programs including our innovation framework, sparc; InsideOut for wellness and selfgovernance; and our Sports Development and Performance Program for long-term exposure to the benefits of healthy activity and participation in active communities. young people who are prepared for an uncertain future. I’m excited to join our Perth College community.

Clare Johansen