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The New Age, New Narratives Art Exhibition was officially opened on 15 September with speeches and an awards ceremony presented by 2021 Artist in Residence and highly-acclaimed contemporary Perth painter, Harrison See.

The 2021 Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 display celebrated the diverse artistic talents, imagination and creativity of Junior and Senior School students.

Featured artworks were made using a range of different media from painting to drawing, sculpture, glass, printmaking, photography, jewellery and design – all while exploring prominent themes of identity, family, culture, gender and the environment.


Principal’s Acquisition: Jenny (Year 12)

Junior School 2D Art Award: Indigo (Year 4)

Junior School 3D Art Award: Amelie (Year 6)

Senior School 2D Art Award: Jessica (Year 12)

Senior School 3D Art Award: Brianne (Year 12)

Head of Junior School Acquisition: Emmeline (Year 4)

  • Principal’s Acquisition Award Winner, Jenny (Year 12)
  • Head of Junior School Acquisition Winner, Emmeline (Year 4)
  • Junior School 2D Art Award Winner, Indigo (Year 4)
  • Senior School 3D Art Award Winner, Brianne (Year 12)
  • Senior School 2D Art Award Winner, Jessica (Year 12)
  • Junior School 3D Art Award Winner, Amelie (Year 6)