Life-changing. Amazing. Rewarding.

Those were the words Year 12 student, Tara, used to describe the opportunity she had in May to complete her Workplace Learning at Mount Lawley’s St John of God Hospital.

She followed a different nurse each day in a number of areas of the hospital, including the mental health ward, endoscopy, speech pathology and surgery.

“Each day I was in a different ward with different nurses who were so friendly and able to get me involved in whatever they were doing, from checking patients’ blood pressure to surgery to getting wisdom teeth removed to wrapping up a cut-off toe,” Tara said.

“The thing that stood out the most and really stuck with me was being able to watch a caesarean. I wasn’t expecting to see that, but it was so amazing and something I will never forget.”

“The opportunity made me realise what nursing is really like and how rewarding it is,” she said.

“After my work placement, I was sure and comfortable in my decision to study and do nursing as a career and I am now currently in the process of applying to study nursing at Notre Dame University.

“I am still deciding whether to be a midwife or work in mental health, but I’m hoping to make my decision once I get more into the nursing world.”

Workplace Learning - Tara.JPG