Lucy Peach with Year 7s CROPPED.png

Perth College recently hosted two special guest presentations with Period Queen, Lucy Peach, as part of the InsideOut program.

Students and families were invited to join Lucy on 21 October for a conversation about her latest book exploring the hormonal phases of a woman’s monthly period.

Lucy is a former Human Biology teacher and health educator, turned period preacher, folk singer and theatre performer. She has spent ten years producing work about the menstrual cycle.

She is an author, podcast host and song writer, and continues to research periods.

Dressed in her iconic red velvet suit, Lucy spoke about harnessing period superpowers and cultivating the best possible relationship with yourself.

She discussed the four hormonal phases – dream, do, give, and take – and how each one makes a woman feel.

She explained how women can start to identify and predict each phase, plan for them and recognise what you need to use them to your best advantage.

Lucy was full of praise for the audience, especially a group of dads of Year 5 girls who attended the event.

“The people were all great and there were these super cute dads… After seeing and hearing about the menstrual cycle graph, the dad in pink said ‘Wow, it must be exhausting trying to be the same every day when you’re not’… Yes! It is,” Lucy wrote in a social media post.

“How good are dads. Should I run a workshop just for dads?”

Days later, Lucy returned to Perth College to talk with Year 7 students about the menstrual cycle and its benefits.

While there were plenty of giggles, the girls were intrigued and had many curious questions for Lucy.

“I know it’s embarrassing and you don’t know who I am. I’m just a weird lady in a red velvet suit talking to you,” Lucy laughed.

Lucy used many of the girls’ reactions to address certain topics and issues, starting with a basic recap of human biology before going on to explain hormones and how they make you feel at certain times of the month.