Parliament House Canberra picture by Michael on Unsplash.jpg

I have been thinking about the Federal Election and our growing preference for authentic leadership styles.

During the election campaign, now Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had some well-publicised verbal hiccups. And recovered. He was brave, not perfect. The Australian public assented — a vote for authentic leadership with all its shortcomings.

Former Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, was sharper on his feet, well-rehearsed and charismatic. However, in retrospect, his leadership style alienated some voters.

I like the idea that words are potent expressions of intent, powerful and magical. What you write is your first step. That’s why Vision statements matter. They signal the adventure ahead and act as enablers of collective effort.

Our Vision at Perth College is to set students free from any restraint, internal or external, preventing them from being their best. Free from social expectations or self-doubt that discourages some students from having a go.

We argue our Vision comes to life when we honour our values. We value being capable, courageous and caring. By capable, we mean, pursuing learning and excellence while striving to fulfil our potential with confidence and resourcefulness. By courageous, we mean, embracing and navigating challenges with strength, purpose and resilience. Finally, by caring, we mean, living generously, valuing relationships and contributing to our community with integrity, respect and compassion.

We see our Vision and Values as guides for our everyday behaviour.

The role of a leader is to create processes that set people free to be their best.

I’m an optimist. I believe the things we write, plan for and stand for can come to life. So I am pleased Prime Minister Anthony Albanese reminded his leaders that we can’t build a better society by demonising our opposition through name-calling.

I hope our leaders continue to be straightforward, empathetic and helpful. I am looking forward to a more respectful political discourse that allows for healthy debate about our children’s future. I hope whatever our political colours, we can all be more capable, courageous and caring.