PC Fellas are pleased to invite Perth College dads and father-figures to attend a fun and informative event presented by Dr Bruce Robinson from The Fathering Project on Thursday 20 May from 6.15 pm.

A doctor, teacher, author and scientist, Bruce founded The Fathering Project in 2013 in WA to educate and inspire fathers and father-figures to be better dads and effectively engage with their kids.

Since then, The Fathering Project has developed a research arm, a library of fathering tips and resources, seminars and presentations at schools, workplaces and community groups, plus a core Dads Group program working with schools to engage fathers and father-figures across Australia.

The resources and programs aim to remind fathers and father figures that they have an important role in building resilience, self-respect, positive self-worth and emotional intelligence in their children.

The Fathering Project is now working with more than 250 schools across Australia, engaging more than 35,000 dads to support them as they build a community of positively engaged families and staff, for the benefit of the children.

Studies show that the cumulative effect of improved fathering can influence a number of positive outcomes across the board including improved child development, health outcomes, school results and functionality of at-risk families, as well as reduced substance abuse and crime.

Bruce's work earned him the title of Western Australian of the Year in 2013 and The Fathering Project the title of Western Australian Men’s Health Award Winner in 2019.

He will speak at Perth College on Thursday 20 May, alongside new InsideOut Leader, Emily Lockhart.

Joe Barnes from PC Fellas said dads would learn about the importance of their role and get tips on how to be the best they can be at the event this week.

"We were supposed to have Bruce here last November but he was sick and couldn't appear, so instead we had former CEO of The Fathering Project, Wayne Bradshaw, who promised that Bruce would be back! And here we are," Joe said.

"This is a chance to get together as dads and learn from each other, break the ice and get the conversation going.

"Ultimately, it's about being the best possible dads and we do that through community, through learning what works and what doesn't from others."

Bookings can be made here. Taking place in the Judith Cottier Theatre, stick around after the event for a drink and enjoy getting to know some of the other PC Fellas. PC Fellas are also planning to host a breakfast in September and a social bike ride later this year.

For more information about The Fathering Project, visit the website here.