Co-curricular life is a big part of the opportunities our Junior School students get to experience.

From extra sporting pursuits like soccer, martial arts and yoga to community service, crafts and chess, there is something to suit every girl.

Co-curricular activities are available to students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 and all activities are designed to be age-appropriate.

There are a multitude of benefits in participating in co-curricular activities – from enjoying a productive and balanced break from academic study to building new skills, increasing social interaction and opening up to new interests that might not have otherwise been tried.

Dean of Junior School Katie Petchell, who helps co-ordinate the huge range of co-curricular options, said one of the longest-running and most popular was the Community Service Club.

“This club is open specifically to our oldest Junior School students and all girls in Year 6 are encouraged to take part of at least one term, if they can,” she said.

“The students take part in special projects to help the School and the local community and it’s a lovely opportunity for the girls to demonstrate leadership and community spirit.”

Already in 2019, students from Years 1 to 3 have had the opportunity to join the Yoga Club, learning the basic asanas of yoga, helping them improve concentration and balance and learning how to deeply relax and calm the mind in a safe and nurturing environment.

Instructors from Cobra Martial Arts also taught self-defence skills to girls from Pre-Primary to Year 4. Grasshopper soccer was available for the same age group, while older students were invited to join a Dungeons and Dragons Club, Calm Colouring and Chess Club.

“We also have regular clubs that run throughout the year like CoderDojo, our STEaMologists and RoboCup teams, Typing Club, Reading, First LEGO League and more,” Katie added.

“There are so many different opportunities for the girls to get involved in something that interests them or even try something new and it is fantastic to see so many girls taking part each term.”