Residential boarding is a relatively new initiative at Perth College. Introduced in 2018, it is designed to give day girls the opportunity to experience boarding for a term or semester in Year 9.

The residential boarding program was introduced to meet the demands from parents who could see the benefits of their daughter having access to the academic, service learning and social activities boarding provides at an ideal time in their child’s adolescence.

“Year 9 is a year that can be a challenge for many students,” Head of Boarding Jill Miller explains.

“It is often when the workload of academic life starts to step up, as does the need for independence and, as such, is the perfect time to offer a residential boarding program.”

Jill says the benefits of boarding are well-known and many city-based families sought the same opportunities for their daughters.

“The access our students have to social growth and academic enhancement opportunities is outstanding,” she says.

“Boarding challenges our students in a safe and supportive environment and encourages them to step out of their comfort zones, too.”

Jill says being on campus is, of course, a huge benefit to many students, too.

“With day students coming to Perth College from all over the metropolitan region, families are seeing strong benefits to a program like residential boarding so their daughters can have access to all the School has to offer,” she says.

“From morning sport to after-school clubs, there are so many wonderful opportunities to be involved in school life at Perth College and being on campus obviously makes that easier for busy families.”

What Does the Program Involve?

The residential boarding program is open to students in Year 9 and the girls board for a minimum of one term.

There are three main facets to the program:

Academic: The girls have structured study times each evening from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm, when boarding staff and tutors are available to assist with homework as part of the daily boarding routine.

Jill says the study habits boarders gain by having this structured time each night really “sets them up” for their Senior School years.

“To have a Year 9 student form such strong study habits really ensures they move into Years 10, 11 and 12 prepared to face exams and the fast-paced nature of Senior School,” she says.

Service Learning: Boarding students take part in a service learning program called On Board, which sees them participate in various community-based activities and organisations designed to give back to others.

“The personal growth our girls experience by being regularly involved in serving their wider community is significant,” Jill says.

Activities: Weekends in the Boarding House are great fun! The girls participate in a variety of weekend activities both on and off campus.

“We regularly do activities with other boarding schools on weekends and our in-house events are designed to complement the boarding experience,” Jill explains.

“Making lifelong friends and connections with students from all across Perth is just another part of boarding life.”


Meet Tabitha

One student who was involved in the residential boarding program in 2018 is Tabitha, who gained so much that she re-enrolled again in 2019 as a Year 10 student.

“I chose Perth College because of the wonderful opportunities the School gives you and my mother and aunts came here, too.

“Being a boarder has been a different experience for me. Yes, you get homesick a few times being away from your parents for a whole term, but I love it because of the opportunities I get to take part in.

“Everyone is really nice to me in the Boarding House and I never feel alone. I feel really happy and included in everything.”


For more about residential boarding at Perth College, contact Head of Boarding Jill Miller at or Enrolments Director Judy Parker at Jill and Judy will host an information session about Term Three enrolments in Excelsior House (Room EH03) on Wednesday 26 June from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm.