Meet Olivia.

Olivia began her Perth College journey at the start of 2018 and whilst she was nervous, she was also excited about the opportunities her new school could bring.

Meet Olivia.
Meet Olivia.

Tell us a little bit about your experience in your first year at Perth College – what were you most nervous about?
I was most nervous about finding my way around the School and getting to classes on time. But I really shouldn’t have been. One of the highlights from my year was from my very first day. I did actually get lost trying to get to class, but a really lovely Year 12 (Samantha Hackman, our Deputy Head Girl, which I did not realise at the time) gave me directions to all of my classes for the whole day!

What were you most excited about?
Definitely all of the co-curricular opportunities I could try, such as the IGSSA sports, House sport and PCNA (Perth College Netball Association).

Apart from the Year 12s being so friendly, what were some of your other highlights from your first year at Perth College?
I loved the House Swimming Carnival. I loved the House spirit and the sportsmanship on display was amazing. It was a great atmosphere and so much fun.

What were some of the challenges you faced this year and how did you overcome them?
One of the challenges I faced this year was seeing who I should sit with. Now, this seems
like a question where the advice would be to “just alternate each day” but to me this seemed like a massive decision!

In the end, who I decided to sit with the girls who made me feel like the best version of myself. The way I overcame this challenge was trusting my character strengths of persistence and patience in seeing the right people for me.

Finally, what advice would you give to girls starting in Year 7 at Perth College in 2019?
The advice I would give to students coming into Year 7 is that whilst it may seem scary at first, take all the opportunities you are offered. Try new things because they can become some of your new hobbies that you will love!

Meet Anna.

Anna also began her journey at Perth College in 2018 and was feeling a bit nervous about transitioning from a small primary school to high school. However, she soon discovered that making new friends was easier than she thought and she was in for a great experience.

Meet Anna.
Meet Anna.

What were you most nervous about before starting at Perth College?
At my old school, I was friends with practically the whole grade so moving to a new school with nobody I knew was scary. I always thought “will I ever make friends?” or “will I be lonely for the entire year?”

My old teacher told me to be the best version of myself and be open to everybody. This was great advice! Soon I started talking to everybody and making good friends.

I remember also originally being scared about getting lost, which, when I look back now, seems impossible, because you quickly end up knowing your way around so easily!

What were you most excited about?
I was mostly excited about getting lockers and moving from place to place for different classes.

Before I even started, I was already thinking about what decorations I was going to put inside my locker and which stationery I would use for the year!

So, reflecting back on 2018, how have you found your first year at Perth College?
My year has been great, but, of course, there are always going to be a few bumps along the way.

These bumps could be bad test scores, but I’m always sure to make up the disappointment with happiness. For example, just the other day, the Campion Year 7 group won the synchronised swimming and Campion House won the overall Swimming Carnival, which felt so amazing!

How have you faced any challenges and overcome them?
Some of the challenges I’ve faced this year are gathering confidence and finding the best method to help me study.

I overcame challenges by using my character strengths. With my curiosity and zest, I signed up to become a model at the Vintage Fair with one of my friends for something different.

Also, teachers give great advice for you to use and to help you. For example, my HASS teacher showed me a wonderful goal-setting scheme to help me with studying for tests, completing assignments, and finishing homework.

What advice would you give to new Year 7s starting at Perth College in 2019?
My advice is to make as many friends as you can because you won’t regret it. You might see other girls already in friendship groups as they might come from the Junior School, but don’t be afraid to ask to join them or make your own friendship group.

If a girl is looking lonely, ask her if she wants to be friends with you or join your friendship group. Always feel empathetic to others and don’t be afraid to ask. There are so many wonderful friends to be made at Perth College!

Perth College Year 7 students talk about transitioning into Senior School.

Advice for New Boarders at Perth College

Starting at a new school can make you a little nervous – and that is completely understandable! But for our boarders, starting at a new school and living away from home can often intensify those feelings.

Our Boarding House is truly a home away from home – and the girls love it.

We spoke to a few of the Year 7 boarders who joined Perth College in 2018 and asked them about their first year and the advice they would offer girls coming to the School in 2019.

  • Girls in the Boarding House.

Meet Ruby.
Current Year 7 student Ruby Stanton commenced boarding at Perth College in 2018. Ruby came from Lake Grace District High School; none of her family had attended Perth College, so it was all very new and unfamiliar. Ruby said she did lots of research about the School and its boarding programme online before she arrived.

Before starting at Perth College, what were you most nervous about?
I was most nervous about missing home. Obviously, I do miss home, as everyone does, but the House Mothers are such a great help it is not as bad as you think it is going to be!

What were you most excited about?
I was really excited to come to Perth College and meet people and also take part in so many new opportunities.

So, how have you found your first year?
My first year at Perth College has been amazing. It has been a lot of fun and there have been so many opportunities. My favourite part of the year would be meeting all the new people and the friends I have made.

What have been some of the challenges you have faced?
The biggest challenge has been homesickness. However, some other things I have had to adapt to are sharing a communal space, more homework, and having to find a whole new bunch of friends. However, that was easy as everyone is so nice and welcoming, including the older girls.

How did you overcome those challenges?
I talked to people, like some of the older girls in boarding, House Mothers, and my peers. Everyone is feeling the same, too, so you are surrounded by people who understand and care, which makes it so much easier.

Finally, what advice would you give girls starting in the Perth College Boarding House next year?
Don’t stress about everything and try to live in the moment.

Also, if you are feeling homesick, don’t be scared to talk to a House Mother or even an older girl because we are all in the same boat.

Meet Evie.
Evie Duff’s hometown is Northam and she also commenced boarding at Perth College in 2018. She was very excited to join the School and tells us a little about her first year.

How were you feeling before starting at Perth College?
Whilst I had no idea what to expect, I was really excited about the opportunity to make new friends.

What has been your favourite part of your first year at Perth College?
I have really loved all the socials and rec activities we get to do on weekends in the Boarding House. There are so many fun things to do and you get to meet lots of new people from other schools, too.

What advice would you give to Year 7s boarding at Perth College?
Be brave. Embrace the challenges and try everything. You can achieve so much more when you try new things and there is so much to try at Perth College

Perth College Year 7 students talk about transitioning into Boarding.