A self-leadership program to help girls flourish

Unique to Perth College, InsideOut is a world-recognised self-leadership program for our youngest students through to our most senior. Our aim is to develop young women who are well-rounded in all aspects of their lives, are confident, caring and capable, and who grow beyond their years at Perth College.

Research has shown the significance of wellbeing as core to educational outcomes for girls across all year groups. The girls flourish when they experience positive emotions, are engaged in what they are doing and learning, accomplish their goals, enjoy good relationships, and have a sense of meaning. We understand that every girl has her own character strengths and seek to encourage and guide her to ensure her talents can be seen, heard and experienced.

Inside Out Infographic

There are four key stages to InsideOut, two of which are activated in the Senior School:

Stepping Up

The focus from Year 7 to Year 9 is transitioning students successfully into secondary education. Girls learn to connect with their core values and beliefs, understand their strengths, deal with stress, develop confidence and be positive. Workshops focus on:

  • Resilience: A positive psychology framework provides a pathway to build resilience and teaches the girls to practise gratitude, positivity, empathy, kindness and mindfulness.
  • Cyber Safety: Girls and their parents are alerted to the potential dangers of the digital world and the importance of maintaining a positive reputation online.
  • Self-esteem and peer relationships: The girls celebrate, challenge and change themselves, improve self-esteem, understand media messages and establish the importance of real relationships.
  • City Smarts: In Year 9, girls can participate in a programme through which they venture into the central business district with a police officer to learn personal safety when using public transport and when out at night.

Stepping Beyond

Year 10 to 12 girls concentrate on strengthening their leadership skills and preparing for life outside of school. The techniques of positive self-leadership are introduced in Year 10, aiming to make students’ personal and school lives more effective and meaningful. Students participate in:

  • An Amazing Race-style adventure through the Perth CBD, enabling them to put their skills and knowledge into practice.
  • A driver safety course.
  • Leadership skills workshops.