Imaginarium is an initiative unique to Perth College, catering for gifted students of very high ability. It is a challenging and motivating environment where gifted students develop through after-school and holiday courses.

Innovation, curiosity and creativity are encouraged at Imaginarium, while social and emotional capabilities are supported and enhanced.

The courses take a holistic approach, developing participants’ intellectual, social, emotional and vocational skills, and positive psychology underpins course content to promote wellbeing.

Imaginarium courses are open to gifted students who attend any school in Western Australia. Every student is encouraged and supported to be their unique selves and, with plenty of opportunities to share experiences, new friendships flourish. See below for eligibility criteria.

Imaginarium continues to grow to ensure these transformative experiences enhance students’ lives well beyond each course they attend.

After-School Imaginarium Program

The Imaginarium After-School program is open to gifted girls who attend any school in Western Australia from Years 1 to 9.

Together, the students decide what they will study.

Their interests might lead them to a course on anything from animatronics to marine biology, space engineering, the chemistry of skincare and everything in between and beyond.

Girls are able to explore their passions, delving deeper into topics with their like-minded peers.

A vocational aspect is also included in each course to introduce the students to a range of career types.

Incursions and excursions with experts in their fields are included, with plenty of time for curious questions.

For upcoming courses, visit our Whats On page.

Co-educational School Holiday Imaginarium Courses

The Imaginarium School Holiday courses are open to gifted students who attend any school in Western Australia.

Perth College has recently opened the program to offer co-educational courses for girls and boys.

Perth College values its relationships and is renowned for its strong sense of community so the decision was made to allow more students to engage with, and grow from, the program.

Click below for details of our co-educational October holiday courses.


There are a number of eligibility and admissions criteria that must be met to qualify for the Imaginarium program. These include:

  • Scored at or above the 95th percentile (I.Q. 125+) on an individual or group I.Q. test; or scored at or above the 95th percentile on a subscale (e.g. verbal or performance) of an individual I.Q. test
  • Scored at or above the 95th percentile on a standardised test of achievement in at least two academic subject areas
  • Scored within the top band of the NAPLAN assessment in the Reading, Writing or Maths subject areas
  • Gained placement in a PEAC or GATE program
  • Obtained some kind of academic scholarship
  • Gained a Distinction or High Distinction in the Australian Schools Science or English Competitions, the Australian Primary Mathematics Competition, or the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools tests
  • A letter from the student’s school confirming their academic potential in any or all subjects is within the top 5% of the student population (Educator Recommendation)

If you are unsure whether your child is eligible, contact Bek Duyckers via email on or by phone on (08) 9471 2217.