Year 3 and beyond

Year 3 and Beyond at Perth College.

Year 3 and Beyond at Perth College

To facilitate demand, an additional Year 3 class will be offered at Perth College in 2020. We have been overwhelmed by the interest in this program and have only a few places still available for next year. If this is something you would like to explore for 2020 or the future, please contact or 9471 2104.

We also offer ‘taster days’ for your daughter to experience the unique student life offered at Perth College. ‘Taster days’ enable girls to meet other students and also to interact with our supportive, caring staff to become familiar with our environment. Quite often this helps with the important decision-making process.

We offer the ‘taster day’ experience at any year level and consider entry at any point, placing your child’s needs first. Hence, you have the flexibility of making this decision at any point in your child’s academic journey. For example, you may choose to access a Perth College education at:

  • Year 5 or Year 6, to build confident foundations and friendships in our Junior School before embarking upon the senior learning journey
  • Year 7 – an exciting opportunity to experience an invigorating adventure into the extensive programs in and out of the classroom within the Senior School
  • Years 10 to 12, to benefit from a broad choice of courses, high quality learning programs, first-class support, a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities and leadership activities

We welcome a conversation to discuss your needs.