The Early Learning Years at Perth College

The Early Learning Years at Perth College: Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

Why choose an early learning years experience at Perth College for your daughter or son?

We offer a warm, caring environment, where children are provided the opportunity to play, explore and be curious in their learning. Purposefully-planned, rich and engaging experiences ignite a sense of wonder and prompt each learner to develop skills in problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking. Teachers recognise caregivers as a child’s first and most influential educator, working in collaboration to promote positive learning outcomes.

Our program:

  • Ensures all children feel respected, cared for, safe, secure and supported
  • Grows confidence and a positive sense of identity in our little people
  • Promotes learning through play
  • Is responsive to the needs and interests of each child
  • Honours diversity as a contributing factor to the richness of learning
  • Promotes an optimum sense of wellbeing and physical development
  • Encourages children to explore, invent, discover, question and enjoy learning
  • Offers opportunities for children to connect and contribute to our world
  • Is designed and run by a fully qualified early years-trained teacher
  • Values partnerships with families and community connections
  • Supports the development of pre-literacy and early mathematical understandings

Pre-Kindergarten Specialist Experiences

  • Physical theatre
  • Music
  • Cultural immersion

Kindergarten Specialist Experiences

  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical theatre
  • Cultural immersion
  • Physical Education
  • Involvement in sustainability initiatives (including conservation of a local bush area)

The children in our early learning program have an entire house to explore! The house has multiple rooms which are creatively designed to encourage exploration and grow curiosity.


Our Pre-Kindergarten program (for girls and boys):

Option 1 (three-day program)

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday and
  • Friday

These days are offered from 9.00 am to 2.30 pm with the option of accessing before and after school care via our Out of School Hours Care (OHSC) program.

Option 2 (five-day program)

  • Monday to Friday

Offered from 9.00 am to 2.30 pm with the option of accessing before and after school care via our Out of School Hours Care (OHSC) service.

Our Kindergarten program (for girls and boys):

Option 1 (five-day program)

  • Monday to Friday

Offered from 8.30 am to 2.50 pm with the option of accessing before and after school care via our Out of School Hours Care (OHSC) service.

Option 2 (Flexible part-time attendance)

Please speak with our Enrolments Co-ordinator to discuss this option.

If you are interested in a place for 2020 or in future years, we invite you to visit the Founders Centre for Early Learning to experience our program with your child. You will be thrilled to see your little person engaging, exploring, creating and having fun!

To have a conversation please email or call 9471 2104.

Year 3 and Beyond at Perth College

To facilitate demand, from 2020 we are now offering an additional Year 3 class. If this is something you would like to explore, please contact Judy Parker: or 9471 2104.

We also offer Open House days for your daughter to experience the unique student life offered at Perth College. Open House days enable girls to meet other students and also to interact with our supportive, caring staff to become familiar with our environment. Quite often this helps with the important decision-making process.

We offer the Open House experience at any year level and consider entry at any point, placing your child’s needs first. Hence, you have the flexibility of making this decision at any point in your child’s academic journey. For example, you may choose to access a Perth College education at:

  • Year 5 or Year 6, to build confident foundations and friendships in our Junior School before embarking upon the senior learning journey
  • Year 7 – an exciting opportunity to experience an invigorating adventure into the extensive programs in and out of the classroom within the Senior School
  • Years 10 to 12, to benefit from a broad choice of courses, high quality learning programs, first-class support, a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities and leadership activities

We welcome a conversation to discuss your needs.