From the Principal

A warm welcome to the Perth College community

Perth College has a long tradition of outstanding academic achievement and positive holistic education designed to develop confident, grounded and ethical contributing members of our world. We are an intellectually-challenging, energetic and creative private school for girls from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. We also offer an engaging early learning program for boys and girls which includes PC Playtime (playgroup), Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. Set on beautiful grounds just 10 minutes from the Perth central business district, we have stunning gardens, historic buildings, state-of-the-art facilities and a contemporary boarding house for long and short stays.

We are proud of our inclusive and nurturing environment where girls are encouraged to be brave and to confidently push themselves beyond their limits in and out of the classroom. Our girls are not afraid to try, fail and then grow from their experiences and adventures. These unique and challenging opportunities equip them to thrive as future pioneers.

Perth College appreciates the importance of high quality, creative and innovative teaching and learning. We value exposure to culture via music, literature and the Arts. We provide our girls with opportunities to explore the realms of Science, Mathematics and Technology for the purpose of pioneering improvements in innovation and health and wellbeing.

Our staff strive to instil within our girls a sense of deep worth and strong values to equip them to bravely face life’s challenges and act courageously as citizens of the world beyond Perth College. We also collaborate with students to develop their wellbeing, spirituality, physicality, and emotional and academic intelligence.

To make the most of opportunity takes bravery. Let us acknowledge that if we choose to be brave, we will absolutely fail and experience disappointment, setbacks, and perhaps heartbreak. That is the joy of living life to its fullest and becoming the best version of ourselves. When our girls are challenged, our role is to ask, “How can we help you with this challenge?” We know our girls are capable, and we have faith they will navigate and learn from such experiences.

Come and experience Perth College for yourself – spend some time with us on campus, participate in our after-hours and holiday programs, explore extra curricular activities, attend our community events, or tour our magnificent grounds and converse with our friendly staff. I am certain you will enjoy the experience!

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Helen Aguiar


We love hearing from you!

Parents, your first point of contact is your classroom teacher (Junior School) or your Kaya teacher (Senior School). You can view the communication process here.

You are always welcome to contact me via email at I have an open door policy so if you would like to see me, please pop in and say hello! Alternately, join me for a coffee at our next coffee morning event.